European Basic Skills Network Conference

Representatives from the Adult Learning Centre Sandra Doyle and Joan Phelan recently attended a European Conference and Grundtvig Contact Seminar organised by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education.

The conference took place in Sandefjord, Norway and the theme of the conference focused on Teaching Basic skills – Adult Literacy, Adult Numeracy, Alphabetization, Second Language Acquisition and Digital Competence for Adults.

The objective of the visit was to develop a future European Partnership focusing on the Professional Development of Teachers of Literacy / Second Language through the theme of Peer-Mentoring.

The proposed future partnership will involve the exchange of ideas and best practice, promote independent and autonomous learning, encourage the development of adult learning resources in peer-mentoring, keep us up to date with current trends in the provision of continuous professional development and offer staff and learners the opportunity to travel to other participating countries.

European Basic Skills Network Conference

Sandra Doyle and Joan Phelan with other deletegates at the Conference