Co. Laois VEC Summer Language Programme

Throughout June and July sixteen students from a variety of schools throughout Co. Laois participated in the Summer Language Programme.  The Summer Language Programme is an intensive English language programme for students who would benefit from extra support in English (English as an Additional Language).  The programme was aimed at young people who have difficulty engaging with mainstream subjects because of their English Language skills and require support with their English language learning.  This programme was facilitated by City of Dublin VEC with the support of Co. Laois VEC.  Participation in the Summer School Programme gave students the opportunity to improve their English and also experience Irish history and culture in a friendly and supportive environment.  The morning English classes were student centred with short term goals and students were provided with English language course materials during classes.  In the afternoons students had the opportunity to visit places of cultural and historical interest, participate in a tour of Portlaoise library and partake in arts and crafts activities.

English language teachers Shane Kelly (left) and Amanda Cripps (right) pictured with English language students during the Co. Laois VEC Summer Language Programme Back row: Shane Kelly (English language teacher) Khakan Ibrahim, Utsav Rana, Shiva Upreti, Arsalan Ahmed Middle row: Vytautas Paszkovskij, Nike Bayo, Natalia Kowalska, Edyta Kowalska, Asia Rizvi, Shah Roz, Amanda Cripps (English language teacher) Front row: Huzala Liaqat

English language students Shiva Upreti, Utsav Rana, Tej Upreti and Zaib Shah participating in an arts and crafts activity with Art teacher Laura Cripps during the Co. Laois VEC Summer Language Programme